Comply with the European Union Whistleblowing laws

What is Whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing Channel

External Channel for whistleblower

1- Customized Whistleblowing page

You can customize your main page with your logo and the text you'd like to show

2- Report submission page

Guided section to make anonymous reports easily and safely

3- Check reports page

Reporters can log in with a safe anonymous code to continue the conversation

4- Two-way communication

Keep an open communication line, even with anonymous reporters

Compliance Portal

Internal Portal for employees and advisors

1- Dashboard

Overview of all your cases so you are always up to date

2- Reports details

Keep track and assign reports, add metadata, internal notes, and communicate with the reporter

3- Team

Invite internal team members and external lawyers and advisors to manage reports

4- Settings

Easily customize your whistleblower page with your branding and manage settings

Initial Report Management

Our team is here to serve you

1- We constantly monitor new reports

2- Once a report arrives, we categorize it as a real report or spam

3- We sent a confirmation of reception to the reporter

4- We make sure that there are no confidentiality issues or conflicts of interest

5- We notify the internal team to take ownership of the report

Plans and prices

Choose a plan that fits your needs


€ 49

per month

Ethics and Whistleblowing Channel for written and voice reports

Compliance Portal

Internal company access

Email notifications


€ 79

per month

Basic +

External access for your lawyers and advisors

Multiple languages

Standard support


€ 129

per month

Standard +

Customizable Whistleblowing Channel on your own domain

Initial management of reports

Premium support

Partner/Referral Program

Partner program to provide your clients with Whistleblowing Channel services

    Security & Compliance

    Built to meet stringent security and compliance requirements, especially those required in financial services, law, and consulting firms

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