November 30, 2022

SynergyOS: Synergy OneSource

As we expand the suite of products in the Synergy Platform, we are adding the OS branding to reflect our goal of becoming the One Source of truth for all your company information. Today, Synergy Platform becomes SynergyOS and we launch our new company domain:

Over the past few months, we have invested a significant amount of time on advancing our vision to become the centralized productivity platform for all your company information. This would encompass not only files, but would also expand the platform’s reach to include emails, messages, projects, customer information, as well as all the custom data objects that your company currently operates with.

Our ultimate goal is to become the one source of truth for all your company information that today lives dispersed across multiple disconnected silos. We envision an open platform that unifies all this information through API integrations and thus centralizes your company knowledge into one platform, and in doing so solves the age-old and persistent problem of information management across an organization.

There are distinctive benefits for the two major groups of personas across every organization:

  • For end-users: SynergyOS is a unified platform that improves their productivity by providing a secure and intuitive access to all information and enabling collaboration and AI-powered search and automation.

  • For management, IT departments, and compliance departments: SynergyOS is a highly secure platform that enhances employees’ productivity while satisfying all security and compliance requirements. The platform has the flexibility of being deployable in any data center of choice under the customer’s control, as well as being designed for interoperability across servers on a new open protocol.

We are very excited to publicly launch the new SynergyOS products and APIs to our current and new partners in the coming months.

The SynergyOS team