January 26, 2022

Synergy is expanding the team!

We are hiring software engineers with over 4 years of experience across the following areas:

  • Backend: Java and Spring Boot, and Node.js. NoSQL databases. Microservices architecture.
  • Frontend: TypeScript, React, React-native, Electron. Experience developing Windows native applications is a plus.
  • DevOps: Kubernetes, object storage, and automations. All public clouds (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS) and on-premise (MinIO).
  • Sales: 3+ years’ experience in enterprise sales selling SaaS / Tech solutions (US & UK).
  • Sales Development Rep: 1 year of experience in generating qualified leads and drive execution for sales reps (US & UK).

  • To us at Synergy, the non-technical aspects are equally important. We are looking for individuals who share our values of empathy and integrity, are hard-working, and have a positive mental attitude as well as good personal fit.

    Please reach out if you’d like to learn more:

    The Synergy team