About us

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Our philosophy


Our dream is to build a better world for everyone through technology. To achieve the big goal, we need to take small actionable steps. Make an impact with small actions every day, both in the office and in your personal life.


We believe that individual people, when they collaborate and work together, can always achieve more than what any individual contributor could ever accomplish on their own.


The ability to step into the shoes of another person, aiming to understand their feelings and perspectives, and to use that understanding to guide our actions. Empathy is the basic framework for a successful relation with internal and external stakeholders.

Diversity & Inclusion

We live and breathe diversity and inclusion, as we are all outliers one way or another. Our dream is to make everyone feel at home at SynergyOS, independently of where they were born, their perceived gender, or the color of their skin.


For successful collaboration, we must take individual ownership: take initiative, be proactive and be accountable.


We strive to always be honest and follow our moral principles in all circumstances. Having integrity means you are true to yourself.

Process over outcome

Focus on the process, not on the outcome. We strive to do our best every day and constantly refine the process in our roles. We hope that the results will come as a consequence of the commitment to the process, but we also acknowledge the substantial role of luck in the pursuit of success.

Work hard, play hard

Making an impact requires hard work, and hard work is only sustainable if you love what you do. We hope your work is one of your hobbies. We also expect our people to live life outside work to its fullest. Life is short, enjoy and look for the magic in your everyday life.


A story of growth and collaboration

Meet our team

Jaime Rivas

CEO and Founder

Michael Bommers

Chief Commercial Officer

Manuel Marcos

Backend Developer

Xavier Campillo

Frontend Developer

Francisco Fontinha

Frontend Developer

Rodrigo Velasco

Backend Developer

Rui Oliveira

Backend Developer

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