We are very pleased to announce that we have launched Synergy Drive for mobile devices. This will significantly improve access and viewing capabilities of content while our users are on the go. Synergy Drive native applications are now available in all major platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS (iPhone and iPad), as well as Android. This newest release is highly complementary to our existing web applications, which are accessible through any web browser.

The new and modern workplace has become fully flexible and with geographically dispersed workforce. This makes it essential to provide businesses and employees with dependable and secure access to files. We are thrilled to provide our clients with access to their content on any device from anywhere, without sacrificing the necessary level of security required by IT departments. Synergy Drive on mobile operates as a secure and sandboxed environment to enable remote access to your company’s files while maintaining security and compliance.

Synergy for iOS – iPhone and iPad.
You can install from the Apple Store.

Synergy for Android.
You can install from the Google Play Store.

We want to say a big thank you to our beta testers during this period and to our customers who have provided the necessary feedback for this first release. In the coming months, we expect to release more features for more advanced use cases on mobile.